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QuickBooks™ Integration - Trucking

Dr Dispatch integrates with QuickBooks™ Pro and QuickBooks™ Enterprise. With integration, you will be able to export invoices to the customer. You will also be able to import a list of customers from QuickBooks™, and export a list of customers to QuickBooks™.

To integrate Dr Dispatch with QuickBooks™, please first make sure that both QuickBooks™ and Dr Dispatch are installed on your machine and set up for use.

  1. Download and install the Dr Dispatch - QuickBooks™ integration Software Development Kit (SDK) here. This is neeed on all computers you wish to be able to integrate Dr Dispatch with QuickBooks™.

  2. Open Dr Dispatch and QuickBooks™.

    Note: You need to log in as administrator in QuickBooks™, and QuickBooks™ has to be in single user mode. Please make sure that the company file that QuickBooks open with is the one you want Dr Dispatch to be integrated with.

  3. In Dr Dispatch, select System, then select Setup.

  4. Click on the QuickBooks™ tab, and check Quickbooks Automatic Export (SDK).

  5. Click on Setup Now.

  6. Make sure the Trucking tab is selected, then click on Use Currently Open Company File to select the path of your QuickBooks™ Company File.

  7. Click Next.

  8. Make sure the Trucking tab is selected, then click on Refresh.

  9. QuickBooks should pop up with this screen. If it doesn't automatically appear, then go to QuickBooks™ anyways.

    You should see this screen:


    Make sure that the options "Yes, always; always allow access even if QuickBooks is not running", "Allow this program to access personal data such as Social Security Numbers and customer credit card information" are selected. Make sure the user being logged in as is "Admin". Click Continue... then Done.

  10. Go back to the program we were in earlier, where you clicked on Refresh.

  11. Now align your line items by dropping down and selecting each line item you wish to use. If you have no line items to select, or they are not the right line items you wish to use, please refer to the article QuickBooks™ Integration - Adding Line Items.

    Note: You must refresh after adding new line items in QuickBooks by clicking on the Refresh button in the setup program.

  12. Click Save Changes, then Next.

  13. If you use classes, check Use Classes and follow the instructions on screen to import them into Dr Dispatch. Click Next.

  14. Import your terms using the instructions on screen.

  15. Click Finish.